Aug 8, 2010

Toenail Designs: Vintage Flower with Black, White and Silver fun!

I used a basic clear base coat, clear top coat, Maybelline Express Finish #895 Black nail polish, L.A. Colors Art Deco White, L.A. Colors Art Deco Silver, 888 Nail Art medium dotting tool, 888 Nail Art small dotting tool, DL Professional French Manicure brush by Debra Lynn and 2 black rhinestones for the center of the flowers.

Step by step:

1. Start with a base coat & allow to dry.

2. Paint a basic french manicure in Maybelline Express Finish #895 black. (I use a french manicure brush to perfect the smile line in this step).

3. Use your 888 Nail Art medium dotting tool to create the five petal flower with  L.A. Colors Art Deco White paint.

4. Use the 888 Nail Art small dotting tool to create the smaller dots that make up the vine of the flower. I did the vine  the same black as the french manicure.

5. Place a small dab of clear coat in the center of the flower and then put your black rhinestone on the dab of clear coat. Allow the nails to dry.

6. Add small white lines to the black manicure. Make them different sizes and place them in different angles. Use 'V' and 'Y' type lines. Try to go along the smile of the french manicure to shape your lines. Allow the nails to dry again.

7. Outline the smile of the french manicure with the  L.A. Colors Art Deco Silver Glitter. (use a fine line). I also outlined the white lines with the same glitter. Allow nails to dry.

8. Apply top coat and allow to dry... And you're done. Hope you like it!

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  1. um cut your toenails...?

  2. Any shorter and she risks ingrown nails. Adjust your glasses.

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